Tuesday, July 20, 2010


What is the first thing that came to your mind when you heard the word “alien”? Maybe some of you will have a vision of a creature with the big black slanted eyes and little green or gray slummy body. Yes, that is the alien that we usually see in the movies. But actually what is alien? According to Oxford Dictionary, alien is “unfamiliar and distasteful, (of a plant or animal species) introduced from another country and later naturalized (adj), a being from another world (n)”. So in this context we can say that alien is a creature that comes from outer space and lives out there. The description and detail of the alien is still vague. What we saw in the movie about alien is maybe just the imagination of the movie maker or so we believe. In the other word we can say that alien is not just like in those movies, it is more than that.

There are so many stories that have been told about alien. There is a widespread belief that alien has travelled from another planets to the erath using UFO (Unindentified Flying Object), that has been identified as an alien’s possible mean of transportation. Even though the truth about alien is still blur and lack of credible supportive evidences, a cult has grown around it. There are some beliefs from this cult that alien has been crashed at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. According to them, the U.S government was hide the truth from the people and secretly met with the occupants of the aforementioned UFO in a place known as Area 51. Area 51 is a part of an off-limits military base near Groom Lake in Nevada. Area 51 is a very restricted and private place, those who trespass there will be shot or gotten fine. The cult believes that Area 51 is used to hide the aliens from them. They think that the government has made an agreement with the aliens that allow them to land at the Area 51 at will, as long as the human will not make any experiments of them. They also believe that the alien has abduct people in large numbers and responsible for the mutilated cattle and appearance of weird sign on the crop in the form of so-called crop circle.

Alien abduction phenomenon is maybe one of the biggest factors that causing many people to associate UFO with alien. The support of that phenomenon is based on eye witness report or being retrieved from under hypnosis. But eye witness is not solid evidence and hypnosis is not an accurate memory retrieval tool and can cause false memories.

Crop circle are the other phenomenon that trigger people to believe about alien. Usually farmer found large circular depressions in their fields where the vegetation has been smashed down, seemingly by a large object. According to Oxford dictionary, crop circle is an area of standing crops which has been flattened in the form of a circle or more complex pattern by an unexplained agrncy. There is a lot of speculation about how crop circles are formed. One theory is that they are man-made. Another theory is that they are caused by alien UFO that has landed in farmers’ field. Yet another theory is that alien beings may be trying to communicate with the people through the geometric designs of the crop circles.

As stated implicitly earlier in the beginning of the paper, alien is a creature that come from outer space or found in the outer space. So we can say that every creature or well-being that found in the outer space is alien. Even it just some bacteria or maybe micro-organisms, but they are alive. They live in the outer space, that make them can be classified into alien. But, is it true that there is life outside this earth? According to the polling that being made by guardian.co.uk, 92,1% people believe that there is life in the outer space and 7,9% did not believe. Many scientist have tried to discover this mystery until now.

There has been a relatively new branch of science, which is Astrobiology. Astribiology seeks to understand the origins and evolutions on earth and whether life exist somewhere. There’s a saying “where there’s water, there’s life” maybe can be applied here. NASA scientist have confirmed the presence of water on mars and lakes of liquid hydrocarbons on Titans. The belief of those saying can give hope to the scientist that the discovery of alien life will not too far away.

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